ADASTRA +1 or How YOU generate additional value in the project lifecycle


What does it take to be a distinguishable IT professional?

The answer is simple – give something more every day! This is the topic of discussion, with which Petyr Katzarov will challenge your perception of the role of an IT consultant at the upcoming IT conference on May 21st, 14:30 h, Hall 106 at Elieff Center in Studentski grad (Student city), Sofia.

Within a mere 90 minutes "ADASTRA +1 or How YOU generate additional value in the project lifecycle" will give answers to important questions, related to your successful realization in the field of Information Management, and will provoke additional important questions, connected to your personal development and improvement, which you will have to answer for yourself.

You can see what Peter said about this topic here.

Do not miss the opportunity to also participate in the special fun part at the end of the discussion, where you will have the chance to win “additional value” for yourself, by sharing your personal, unique +1.

Join the first of its kind specialized conference, targeted towards both junior IT enthusiasts, as well as professionals with wide experience in the field. Find us and register yourself for our workshop here., section.