Structured Adjustment & Maintenance Interface (SAMI)

SAMI: Structured Adjustment & Maintenance Interface

Even the most comprehensive and responsive information systems require manual intervention. A business must respond not only to the changing external environment, but also to internal demands that alter information requirements. SAMI provides flexibility and governance, protecting your information infrastructure and processes from unnecessary changes.
The world is changing, your business is growing, change is good. Monitored and controlled change is even better, and with SAMI, it is within easy reach.

The Challenge
Full automation, while a laudable goal, remains an ideal. As a result, manual interventions are a legitimate and necessary part of maintaining robust and responsive systems.  Nevertheless, if left unmonitored and unmanaged, vital activities such as reconciliation adjustments, table reconfiguration, or even simple data entry can violate data governance policies: artifacts and processes used to perform manual input often vary across departments. Lack of standardization and controls can easily lead to inefficiencies, higher costs, and risk, undermining the single version of the truth your organization has worked hard to achieve.

The Solution
SAMI is a Web-based application that enforces corporate governance and consistency. Through a built-in workflow, SAMI simplifies and standardizes manual intervention processes.  Within a systems reconciliation framework, SAMI coordinates adjustment activities to restore balance. A workflow and approval mechanism vastly reduces risk, and generates a complete audit trail for all events.  A rules engine helps to ensure quality by applying user-customizable business logic to adjustments.  Interfaced with target systems, SAMI leverages existing processes and schedules to seamlessly deploy adjusted data to any location.


  • Meet compliance requirements with your Data Governance solution
  • Reduce the risk of errors through SAMI's implementation framework
  • Reduce operational and maintenance costs by streamlining the use of user input
  • Rapid time-to-market: a pre-packaged solution, SAMI is designed for incremental implementation to allow concentration on high-priority areas for greater ROI


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