Risk Management

Delivering Measurable Results

In today’s challenging economic climate, risk management is a crucial component of doing business. Investors and regulators insist that organizations be able to demonstrate:

  • awareness of the risks they face
  • processes and metrics to measure risk, and
  • impemented strategies to manage risk in the near and long term.

In addition, effective risk management is an important component of efforts to maintain and grow profitability. In short, risk management simply makes good business sense.

Telecommunications companies, utilities, and financial institutions are just a few industries in which ABC Risk Management has proven its success by focusing on three broad areas:

  • Debt Collections
    ABC delivers practical and measurable results. Our holistic approach is supported by our multi-disciplinary team, which assesses all facets of your collections efforts, including core and peripheral functions. We work jointly with your staff using our proven methodology that focuses on processes, compensation and motivation, organizational structure, reporting and analytics, capacity planning, strategy and segmentation, and technology systems & support.
  • Credit underwriting (financial services)
    All activities related to offering a client a loan from first contact to the disbursement of funds. Determines how and what information is collected, how it is verified and stored, how credit worthiness and profitability can be determined. Pricing structures are matched to risk and collateral is measured to mitigate it effectively.
  • Fraud management
    Policies, processes and reports focusing on deterring potential fraudsters, preventing fraud attempts, detecting fraudulent acts and investigating them. ABC’s approach is very much fact driven: fraud strategy needs to be strongly supported by underlying monitoring and analysis that can reveal deviations from the norms which, among other things, can help identify fraud.

These three pillars drive the profitability of the organization, allowing executives to balance approval rates, collections and product pricing. The better your collections work, the more aggressive you can be on the underwriting side without sacrificing profit.


About ABC

ABC helps leading organizations across the globe take the next step towards increased profitability and competitiveness. With a holistic, business-oriented approach, our multi-disciplinary team establishes a comprehensive picture of your organization and its needs. Using proven methodologies, we build a unique roadmap for accomplishing your goals through a combination of quick-wins and long-term strategic initiatives.

ABC – Practical recommendations, measurable results.


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