Fraud Management

AFMS: A Cost Effective Solution for Rapid Return on Investment

Adastra’s Fraud Management System (AFMS) is a comprehensive modular solution developed by Adastra for fraud detection and case management; frequently used by insurance, banking, and telecommunications organizations.

AFMS Provides

  • User-Friendly interface to configure & manage scoring rules
  • Indicators, scores, weights
  • Filters
  • Reports
  • Basic workflow for case management
  • Flexible framework to support integration

AFMS is well-suited, but not limited to the following industries

  • Insurance: AFMS helps generate savings by comprehensively monitoring and evaluating claims for fraud
  • Banks: Meet regulatory demands for fraud prevention and management
  • Telecommunications: AFMS aids the detection of non-standard events and suspicious cases; reducing the incidence of fraud

Benefits include:

  • Savings
    Automated fraud detection will reduce indemnity payments to fraudulent claims.  The incidence of internal fraud (including broker community) is also reduced as employees become aware of automated fraud detection.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
    Product discounts, or faster claim settlement can be offered to loyal clients with very low claim scores; i.e. least suspicious claims.
  • Reduced Demands on IT
    Within AFMS, scoring rules are created and maintained by users, without the need for coding.  The outcome from scoring is accessible from web-based reports which include backtracking to allow a detailed review of the contributing rules.
  • Meet Regulatory Requirements
    AFMS helps organizations meet and exceed regulatory requirements for internal controls and monitoring.
  • Extended Value
    The scoring engine and architecture used for AFMS can be further leveraged in areas such as customer segmentation, marketing campaigns, sales support, or claims settlement with little additional cost.

Its universal scoring engine makes AFMS highly effective in other fields such as anti-money laundering (AML). AFMS continues to expose hundreds of fraud cases per year, and prevents countless others. The current second generation solution includes increased flexibility, faster automation, as well as optimized intuitive software for fraud case management.

An AFMS implementation sources, integrates, and populates data into the AFMS data mart. A user-friendly interface allows scoring rules to be configured and fine-tuned without coding.  The strategy for storing data, on-line or offline is defined in order to ensure the timely provisioning of data to both automated systems and frontline staff.

Leverage your historical data to create new and maintain the effectiveness of existing scoring rules by comparing the scoring outcome with congruent data where the incidence of fraud is known.  Highly suspicious claims (those with high scores) should match the fraudulent claims; conversely the least suspicious claims (those with low scores) should not be fraudulent.  Deviations are investigated by applying analytics to the historical data set.  Statistical methods, applied by analytical tools, analyse historical data in order to derive intelligence that can be used to enhance scoring rules.  This will reveal which variables are important, and therefore be included into revised scoring rules.


Leverage the capabilities of our powerful scoring engine with this streamlined solution. Contact us today to find out how you can be a part the evolution of Information Management.

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