Data Quality

Better Data for Improved Decision Making

Adastra’s Data Quality solutions and services empower organizations with trustworthy data and the means to maintain it.  Your data will be cleaner, more precise, more reliable, and comprehensible.  Challenges to data quality will become easily identifiable, and more effectively dealt with. Increase your organization’s data quality, awareness and maintenance with Adastra Data Quality.

Business Challenges

Recognizing the importance of access to your information assets, your organization has invested considerably in its information management systems. Poor data quality hampers the information value such systems deliver. Adastra has the tools and the experience to improve the quality of your current data and the processes that manage it, providing the access, accuracy, and confidence that competitiveness demands.

Adastra Services

Adastra has a dedicated Data Quality, Master Data Management, and Data Governance practice. Our team of over 30 dedicated consultants has contributed to our proven track-record by successfully completing more than 40 initiatives. Leveraging Adastra’s comprehensive methodologies and implementation expertise, we design and implement solutions of all sizes and all degrees of complexity.

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Services Include

  • Discovery

    • DQ Audit/Assessment
    • DQ Program Assessment
    • DQ Business Value Assessment
    • DQ Workshops for Stakeholders
  • Planning and Program Definition

    • DQ Corporate Strategy Definition
    • DQ Roadmap
    • DQ Methodology Establishment
    • DQ/MDM Tool Selection
  • Implementation

    • Strategy Implementation
    • Data Cleansing and De-duplication
    • DQ Measurement and Reporting
    • DQ Firewall
    • DQ Tool Implementation
    • DQ Training and Mentorship


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Next Steps

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