DQ Meter

Measure and Monitor Quality throughout Your Organization


Accelerate the adoption of robust Information Governance and Data Quality Monitoring processes at your organization by leveraging Adastra DQ Meter, a proven Data Quality measurement and dashboard solution framework that integrates seamlessly with your infrastructure.

Adastra DQ Meter is designed for rapid implementation with all platforms, technologies, industries, and for organizations of any size. The Data Quality metrics used are based on proven templates, quickly and easily customizable to your specific business needs. You maintain control of the business rules, and can adapt them to evolving needs. And, best of all, Adastra DQ Meter requires no additional tools: it works with any BI tool to give you the accurate reports you need on how your Data Quality Project is working.

Adastra DQMeter: it’s FAST, it FITS, and it’s FLEXIBLE.

Equipped for fast, seamless deployment

Adastra DQ Meter is equipped with pre-built dashboards to help you effectively manage your Data Quality Management function.

  • DQ Status
    See the status of the quality of your data in multiple departments or divisions at a glance according to your corporate DQ metrics and KPIs.
  • DQ Trending
    Is your data quality improving or declining? Find out where your focus should be and see the effects of your data quality initiatives.
  • Drill Down
    With just a click you can see exactly which business rule is being violated and assess the business impact so that you can effectively address the issue.

Designed to work with any database, Business Intelligence tool, and data source, Adastra DQ Meter is an essential tool for accelerating the effectiveness of your Data Quality program.  Adastra DQ Meter reduces your costs by giving you the power to measure your quality and continuously improve it, thereby avoiding the cost of reaction-based solutions.

For even greater flexibility, you can leverage the power of Adastra DQ Meter's high-performance Data Quality rules-based engine (powered by Ataccama) included in the solution, or continue to use your own in-house tool.

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