Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management aims at improving all aspects of your organization's commitment to a customer-centric approach, a requirement for any industry in which the management of clients, customers, or users is key to remaining competitive and making the most of information assets.

There are two key aspects to effective CRM, each of which is focused on a particular function. Customer-Facing CRM includes pushing reports to operational staff (i.e. call-centres, sales force, customer relations departments, collections).  Analytical CRM depends on the Information Management infrastructure (Data Warehouse, Data Marts, Business Intelligence) to monitor customers and their behaviour, identify risk, and segment customers for cross-selling, up-selling, loyalty programs.

The key challenge in CRM implementations is the cultural shift that is required when moving towards a more customer-centric model. Key Performance Indicators must be revised, and the organization must move towards an enterprise-wide model for Information Management, if the full benefit is to be realized.

Adastra's CRM solutions provide organizations with comprehensive customer views:

  • Implementation of CRM Software

    -Adastra delivers CRM solutions built on technologies supplied by market leaders in CRM technology
  • Integrating CRM into the Enterprise Data Warehouse

    This solution focuses on maximizing the synergy between CRM software and the Data Warehouse, through:

    -Incorporating the CRM software as an important data source into the Enterprise Data Warehouse. Based on the business architecture, integration enables comprehensive views of key performance indicators that can be reflected consistently with key CRM measures

    -Utilizing information sourced from the Data Warehouse for CRM purposes, including the enrichment of Customer data from external sources

With extensive experience and specialization in Information Management, Adastra helps companies obtain the best possible return from their Customer data resources, with a high degree of customization to every company's unique needs.