Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Consulting

Support effective decision-making with practical intelligence derived from reliable data, delivered through Adastra’s Business Intelligence solutions.

Unearth new revenue opportunities, increase operational efficiency, manage risk and your product portfolio.  Ask questions and get answers quickly in a format suited to your needs – from Web-based portals to executive dashboards.  Align people and resources around common business goals and manage business performance across functional areas.  Empower your operational frontline with real-time dashboards and alerts for fully informed decisions.

Adastra rapidly delivers significant return on investment by leveraging expansive cross-industry experience as well as customized and industry-specific key performance indicators. Adastra manages integrated Business Intelligence solutions through their lifecycle, and offers consulting on specific project phases.

Unlock the value of your data: structure and channel it into providing you with insight and true intelligence on every aspect of your business.  Then, transform intelligence into action: make smarter decisions faster than ever before, achieve stellar performance, and outperform your competitors.



Adastra’s experience ranges from managing integrated Business Intelligence solutions through their lifecycle, to consulting on specific project phases.  Our award-winning solutions have quickly realized significant return on investment to clients in financial services, telecommunications, retail, government, health care, education, manufacturing, utilities, and other data-rich industries.  Adastra’s thorough understanding of business processes and industry-specific key performance indicators allow us to hit the ground running and deliver effective solutions quickly and reliably.


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