Agile Development

Agile IM Development

Information Management that works with your business

Users rarely know precisely what they require from their Information Management until they become aware of what it can give them, which leads to significant changes in the course of projects. A flexible development approach is essential if stalled delivery and cost overruns

Adastra Agile development uses story-based design and an iterative, intuitive, and responsive approach. Projects are broken down into their fundamental elements, which are delivered quickly and revealed to users and stakeholders as they are completed. The response to each iteration drives the deliverables of subsequent stages, allowing your development to grow and change to your evolving knowledge of what your Information Management can give you.

Common Development Challenges

  • Inhibited business decision-making
  • Analysis Paralysis
    Less than optimal reports and dashboards
  • Rapidly changing requirements
  • Increased need for customization
  • Complex, global IM environment
  • Disparate technologies
  • "Technical debt" from previously taken shortcuts
  • Excessive change controls slow adoption and delivery

Adastra Agile Services

Adastra Agile Development makes sure IM is delivered according to a dynamic and responsive process. Agile development is business-driven: results are validated throughout the process and tweaked according to needs, which more naturally evolve along with growing awareness of the IM capabilities available.

Services include:

  • Introduction to Agile
    Adastra provides high-level information sessions that help clients define their objectives and develop plans for moving towards a more dynamic development process.
  • Agile Design
    Adastra builds on the information sessions and high-level plans to identify and prioritize Agile-related issues, functions, and project owners, to produce a detailed Roadmap and Implementation Plan specific to your organization.
  • Implementation & Support Development of detailed processes and procedures, Agile coaching and process reviews, and hands-on project management.