Information Management for Utilities, Energy, Mining and Natural Resources

As they pursue a more competitive, market-oriented business model, utilities organizations are making increasing demands on their information systems to provide accurate and timely information on a wide variety of systems and metrics: supply, delivery, network, infrastructure, revenue projections, past performance, customers, competitors, and others. Information is required to develop strategy, monitor performance, and engage effectively in day-to-day operations.
Investing in a robust Information Management infrastructure and processes is an important step along the road to a truly enterprise-wide information system that controls long-term costs, and that extracts significant return on investment.

Adastra Solutions for Utilities

  • Asset & maintenance management
  • Regulatory compliance for managing data and reporting on supply, cost, and safety
  • Monitoring and predictive analysis for supply and pricing
  • Reporting solutions for field workers
  • Billing monitoring and management

General Solutions

  • Tool selection
  • Data Warehouse Assessment
  • Data Quality Assessment and Cleansing
  • Data Governance Consultation
  • Master Data Management services
  • Data Integration
  • Business Intelligence and reporting, dashboards, KPIs, and Mobile BI
  • and more

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