Information Management services and solutions for Telecommunications

The telecommunications industry has arguably evolved more than any other market sector in the last ten years. This evolution has brought not only a lot of benefits for telecommunication operators and their customers, but also a lot of issues to resolve. As the telco industry has moved from a product-centric to a customer-centric approach, the need for high-quality customer information is now greater than ever. The biggest challenge for telcos is how to unite fragmented pieces of information about customers (i.e.  their characteristic, products, behaviour, etc.) to create a complete, 360-degree customer view.

Adastra's telco solutions include:

  • Customer oriented solutions
  • Customer Data Warehouse
  • Customer oriented Data Marts
  • Customer profitability solution
  • Customer Identification Application
  • Customer Data Integration Application
  • Customer Loyalty Program
  • Churn Identification
  • Marketing Automation
  • Cross-selling / Up-selling support
  • Fraud Detection System

Other solutions

  • Master databases (product, network component, etc.)
  • Real time Data Warehousing
  • Business Scorecarding
  • Adastra Wholesale Billing
  • Scoring and Rule-Based Engines

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