Information Management for Retail

Driven by a highly competitive marketplace, today's retailer requires cutting-edge Information Management. The speed, scalability, and flexibility of IM technologies push current retail solutions far beyond traditional inventory monitoring.

  • Razor-thin margins make managing inventory and reducing storage costs more critical than ever
  • Just-in-time product supply requires constant interaction with a centralized data source and efficient tracking of item availability and transport, as well as effective supply planning.
  • Sales managers need to be empowered to initiate and manage promotions, and monitor the performance of frontline staff as they engage with customers
  • Performance figures that enable managers to compare their store with others in the chain and departments with one another are a proven way to enhance sales and profitability
  • Frontline staff need up-to-date information on promotions and inventory, and a means of tracking their own performance in real time
  • Rewards programs and customer relations management need effective storage of behavioral information, and real-time updates pushed out to service representatives

And this only touches on the purely retail side of what today's retail outlets are doing. In response to customer demand, retailers are increasingly branching out into banking, insurance and other services.

Adastra’s experience in a wide variety of projects, in conjunction with our methodologies, skill sets, and effective partnerships, enable us to provide solutions particularly geared towards challenges faced by the retail sector:

  • Sales Analysis
  • Promotions Analysis
  • Inventory Management
  • Store/Department/Staff Performance
  • Customer Relations Management (e.g. rewards plans)
  • Customer Credit Management

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