Information Management for Manufacturing

Driven by a highly competitive marketplace, today's manufacturing organization requires cutting-edge Information Management. The speed, scalability, and flexibility of IM technologies push current manufacturing solutions far beyond traditional inventory monitoring.

  • Production lines depend on the timely delivery of inputs that must be tracked, stored, available and locatable when the line requires them
  • Products require detailed, standardized entries to ensure all materials are accounted for and to effectively manage inventory and reduce storage costs
  • Maximizing the investment in shipping requires product bundling and intricate management of shipping hubs; systems must be able to cope with external source data
  • Just-in-time product supply requires constant interaction with a centralized data source and efficient tracking of item availability and transport, as well as effective supply planning
  • Factory managers, sales people, quality control managers need effective and streamlined ways to track their team performance
  • Legacy systems can inhibit performance and adversely affect the credibility of the data; data on such systems requires cleansing and integration in line with enterprise goals
  • Safety regulation compliance requires an effective way of monitoring product quality and keeping track of what has been shipped where
  • Targeted information on sales and production cycles helps boost the performance of wholesale and retail partners and increase profitability.

Adastra’s experience in a wide variety of projects, in conjunction with our methodologies, skill sets, and effective partnerships, enable us to provide solutions particularly geared towards challenges faced by the manufacturing sector:

  • Product Information Management
  • Inventory management
  • Tool selection
  • Asset & maintenance management
  • Product and Sales cycle management
  • Catalogue and sales management
  • As well as the complete suite of Adastra Information Management solutions and services from Data Quality to Data Integration to buidling reports and dashboards to meet both strategic and operational goals.

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