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Insurance solutions Newton's Cradle business focus standoutInsurance companies face a distinct set of challenges, which are exacerbated by traditional ways of determining risk and setting policy pricing, selling policies through brokers, and only dealing with customers directly via the claims process. Fraudulent behaviour is on the increase, and more powerful tools make risk-determination much more complex (but ultimately more profitable when done well) than ever before. A much more informed client base also translates into significant competitive advantage for those organizations capable of managing client needs, and drastic competitive losses for those who do not.

Adastra helps insurance organizations reduce costs, improve customer service, comply with regulatory regimes, detect and investigate fraud, and mitigate risk with a variety of Information Management and Business Solutions designed specifically for the unique needs of today’s insurance industry.

Customer Value Management

Achieve customer-centricity by leveraging key operational channels to better understand and service customers. Define business strategies, improve CRM processes, motivate sales staff, enhance communications channels, and improve the success cross-sell, up-sell, and counter-attrition initiatives.

Fraud Management

Adastra scoring methodologies improve fraud detection and prevention. Discover where you are most vulnerable, and which areas will profit from quick wins. Implement risk management strategies and processes to get information to team members who need it, when they need it, for informed decisions.

Distribution Network Management

Analyze and streamline your broker network, segment brokers to motivate for high-value sales and monitor their activity for potential fraud

Regulatory Compliance

Adastra empowers organizations with easy and convenient access to information demanded by regulators, while allowing normal business activities to continue efficiently and uninterrupted.

FATCA Compliance

Adastra provides  platforms capable of meeting the data, processing and implementation demands of FATCA and other regulatory frameworks. Cost reductions are only part of the benefit: We provide your organization with systems that can be leveraged to meet the next wave of frameworks and that will keep your organization profitable and competitive in the long run.


Consumers are increasingly concerned about the security of their private information. As the guardians of more personal customer information than any other business, and in the interest of their reputation and continued viability, financial services organizations must keep this information safe. Adastra develops processes and solutions to ensure this data remains confidential, and protects the trust your organizations has built with your customers.

Enterprise Performance Management

Standardize metrics and KPIs across the organization & between merged entities; establish a KPI framework for Financial Services Institutions; benchmark and optimize sales performance; plan and forecast for revenue, expenses and workfoce -- all part of Adastra’s core service offering.

Strategic Consulting

Adastra helps organizations manage changes to their Information Technology processes and infrastructure, in line with a defined strategic vision, and we optimize new processes to make the most of your technology investments.

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