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Information Management for Health Care Organizations

Solutions for health care organizations need to go beyond solving business problems in order to ensure the health and well-being of patients. Along with ever-changing care-delivery technology, evolving government regulations require health care organizations to provide doctors, nurses and other care practitioner’s access to highly accurate information in the timeliest fashion possible.

Information Management solutions from Adastra give health care organizations the tools and processes they need to comply with regulatory requirements, optimize resource management, and most importantly improve patient care and satisfaction. Adastra’s knowledge and experience in health care allows organizations access to a wealth of information management strategies and solutions to improve business processes and reduce time to value. Health care solutions from Adastra include:

Information Access

Bring together information in disparate systems and multiple locations to manage complex cases, improve employee effectiveness, and enable increased patient participation and feedback.

Patient Tracking and Integrated Delivery

With patients able to interact with health care organizations through various channels, data can quickly become out of date and irrelevant. Creating an integrated information management strategy allows health care organizations to focus on care delivery while being assured data is accurate and up to date.


Patient privacy is a growing concern not only for the patients themselves, but for governments and the healthcare organizations themselves. Solutions from Adastra that include data-sharing and access rules allow healthcare organizations to give their patients peace of mind that personal information is safe and secure.

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