Information Management Solutions for the Public Sector

Stable societies have always been those best equipped to manage, safeguard and circulate information. Cornerstones of government such as technological development, legislation, justice, and yes, taxation all hinge on the development, maintenance, and access to effective channels of data management.

Government departments and agencies are challenged to keep up with recent trends both in data processing technologies, and the exploding amount and complexity of data all modern organizations face.

Just as Adastra has helped leading, profit-driven companies unlock the full value of their data investments, Adastra Government Solutions help public organizations ensure information is accessible, secure, and trustworthy.


Information is power; good governance is responsible use and dissemination of information. With government information, jurisdictional patchwork is often replicated several times over in the number of overlapping systems with different standards and procedures. Even when systems are accessible, they face serious integration challenges.

Adastra works with all of the major technologies and is highly experienced not only in bringing legacy systems up to date, but also in developing practical solutions that effectively confront challenges of multiple data sources.


The flipside of accessibility is security. Accurate information on citizens, service providers, suppliers, policy initiatives, and employees is absolutely necessary to conduct government business; yet with this access comes a great deal of responsibility to safeguard that information.

Adastra helps organizations develop effective, user-friendly and access-conscious portals to ensure users can obtain the information they need within the bounds of stringent privacy and security protocols. In addition, Adastra has extensive experience building and shoring up solid data foundations in the form of data marts and enterprise data warehouses.


The information your data infrastructure yields must be readily available to the right people, and must be accurate. Adastra has been enabling organizations with a single version of the truth for over a decade. Services you can trust for information you can trust.

Adastra Government Solutions

  • Information Quality Management
  • Data Warehousing
  • Master Data Management
  • Business Intelligence 2.0
  • Service Oriented Information Exchange
  • Enterprise Data Services
  • Business Activity Monitoring
  • Data Governance
  • Event Triggers
  • Scoring and Rule-Based Engines

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